Friday, February 24, 2006

Dangerous Disciples

Sent by the King of the universe, indwelt by God Himself, protected by His prayer, empowered by His Spirit, granted ultimate victory, carrying an eternity changing message, willing to die at His bidding...disciples young and old are just plain dangerous! They fight in groups, they call heaven their true home, they give up all things for the Kingdom and for love of their King. They love the lost, encourage the weak, and honor the faithful. They live without fear, are dauntless in the face of the enemy, and charge into battle with no hesitation. Their prayers move mountains, their words destroy lies, their hands bring healing. All the dark forces of the enemy shake in fear when just one...just one spiritual warrior takes the field against them. They are dangerous. They are disciples of Jesus Christ.


Blogger SACRED MARKINGS said...

Happened upon your blog this evening. I have one question for you, and your reply will determine whether I continue to read your blog.

Do you, in your faith, believe that individuals from other cultures and other religions, are capable of manifesting the same kind of spiritual warriorship of which you speak but who are not Christian?

My question is rooted in the fact that there are many individuals who work with such principles (but from other traditions), who upon hearing about the authentic essence of Christianity/Christ are able to recognize the life-affirming power therein, but who have arrived at a similar place on their path via other traditions of dispensation and/or spiritual practice.

The reason I ask is that all too often I have encountered Christians who hold an earnest belief that their way (note: their own ego's definition of the way) is the only way, and everyone else is demonized.

Like Narcissus staring at his face in a pool, falling in love with his own image, bending down to kiss the face staring back at him, and--as a result--falling into the pool and drowning...the types of Christians I am referring to are individuals I tend not to have very much respect for nor time for.

I'm trying to determine in which camp you are taking your meals.

10:17 PM  
Blogger Nanny said...

Randomly saw your blog tonight. Was really excited to see someone proclaiming Christ in such a bold way! I'm sure you will have your share of opponents on this site but keep strong! Christ has already won the battle!

A sister in Chirst

10:46 PM  
Blogger Spiritual Swordsman said...

I agree that there are "types of Christians" that "demonize" others and bear their faith in such a way that doesn't reflect the heart or character of their Savior.

I also agree that God has made each of us (from all races and traditions) in such way that we are capable of dedication, intense faith, and life surrending loyalty.

However, I DO believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to connect with the God who created all things and all people. Simply because I have encountered Him so powerfully.
And He has made that claim so emphatically (John 14:6). I would not presume to change what He claims. I have chosen to accept it and put my faith and soul in His hands.

That said, I demonize no one. Demons work with the enemy, I believe they are real. People on the other hand, even those of other religions are precious to they are precious to me. I would love them, respect them, work side by side with them to relieve the suffering in this world. And I would, in relationship with them, spend every chance I get to cause them to come to Christ.

You have embraced "one way" of thinking about truth that involves the accepting of all religions. I have embraced "one way" of thinking about truth that involves a single Savior for this world. And I would gladly sit for a cup of coffee for an engaging conversation about the hows and whys of our beliefs. Perhaps in Japan in the near future.

11:29 PM  
Blogger Spiritual Swordsman said...

Thank you for your encouragement Nanny. You are right. We are simply appropriating a victory that was won on the cross. Fight on!

11:59 PM  
Blogger SACRED MARKINGS said...

>>>>However, I DO believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to connect with the God who created all things and all people.

--If you had said "a way" then I believe we would have had much, much more to talk about. But, with such resoluteness (which, by default, must dismiss every other possible way of connecting to God), I think perhaps the discussion stops there.

I support you in your belief, and in your practice. It is not a belief or practice I share.

Deep Peace to you,

9:50 PM  
Blogger Spiritual Swordsman said...

I pray God's blessing on your journey. Thanks for your comments.

11:03 PM  

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