Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Fellowship of Warriors

Jesus prayed that we would be ONE as He and the Father were ONE. Paul also said to be of the "same mind and the same purpose." Jesus even said that the world would identify us as His followers by our ONEness. There is nothing quite like a fellowship of warriors intent on advancing God's Kingdom TOGETHER. When a cadre of spiritual warriors walks in step onto the battlefield filled the Holy Spirit and hearts beating with the heart of God...they are unstoppable. Let's strive for ONEness. Let's unify our fellowships around the truth of God's Word and the clear mission of Jesus Christ, and maintain deep love for one another. Let's stand ready to move as ONE when the Master gives the order.


Blogger Eric Robison said...

Aloha Pastor Mark!

Thank you for blessing us with your words on Graduation night. I do believe that the Lord is doing a mighty work in and through you. Jennifer and I are praying for you and are seeking the Lord how better we may be able to support you and pray with you...along with what the Lord may have in store for our future. It is clear that we are to go to Portland, Oregon. What we are praying for is to further catch the heart for Japan, so we may be able to follow the Lord in any way He sees fit to reach others for Christ. We are not thinking of moving to Japan, but are seeking God's word for how we may best attrubute to Kingdom work. Prayer, Future $$ support, Mission trips, etc. I'm not sure. But one thing is for sure...our paths crossing and our hearts for dangerous discipleship are one and the same!

Standing with you in "The Fellowship of Warriors",

Eric & Jennifer Robison

12:55 AM  

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