Friday, June 19, 2009

Age of the Fallen: Origins - Why Japan??

(Age of the Fallen: Origins Series) When I heard about the spiritual condition in Japan my heart truly broke for that country. I spent many train rides watching Japanese young people and wondering how to plant a seed of truth in their hearts and minds.

Then I started to notice that they LOVED to read. So many of them had open books in the train while they were traveling from place to place. So God planted a seed in my heart to write something that they would enjoy reading and a story that would convey truth to them as well.

That's when I started to look at the genre that was popular in Japan and started to read what I could find in english. After skimming through a few stories I knew that AGE OF THE FALLEN had a unique place. Because it is anchored in Biblical truth it would give the story a strong foundation to build upon.

And it would also touch issues that were close to their hearts like suicide, friendship, teamwork, loyalty, self-sacrifice, and love. My hope is that the book will do well in the U.S. and then be able to get published in Japanese and find it's way into their hands. I also hope to see it made into a movie (it would be GREAT!). I actually wrote it with a movie in mind. Hint: When you read it be sure to have the Transformers, Chronicles of Narnia, and Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks playing loud!

In the end, I hope a generation of young people around the world see what a difference they can make when they "choose sides" and do what God wants them to all costs.

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