Saturday, February 07, 2009

Angels and Demons and YOU

There is a spiritual war going on all around us. Although we know that the victory belongs to God in the end, we still have to live through this fallen age.

In each of our spiritual journeys we will from time to time encounter an angel or a demon. The angels are God's servants that bring comfort, protection, and gentle care when we are down. The demons hate us with a passion because we are God's highest creation. They will lie, slander, decieve, and do all that they can to discourage you or to get you to believe in lies.

But even a kid in junior high with the TRUTH can turn them back. When prepared (armored up!) we can resist them and cause them to flee. Why? Not because we are great, but because we serve a great God and Jesus came to undo the works of the evil one.

That's what scares Satan more than anything else, that you will follow Jesus, choose sides, and make a difference. Do it! And be ready for the most amazing life possible.

After being at war most of my life I decided to write a book about Japanese teens fighting and sacrificing to save their generation. It's coming out May 2009.

You can pre-order an autographed book (1000 available) at this link:

Pre-Order: Age of the Fallen

Or get it slightly cheaper at

Amazon: Age of the Fallen


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