Monday, June 22, 2009

Age of the Fallen: Origins - Teenagers ROCK!

(Age of the Fallen: Origin Series)
The main characters of AGE OF THE FALLEN range in age from 14-18. There is one eighth grader who hangs out with older high school friends. They are led by a Senior, Aiko, who has already suffered more than most people do in their life time. Together, they are a bantering, snack food eating, computer game playing, cell phone wielding, group of powerful spiritual warriors. (more on them in next blog)

Why teenagers? Because when it comes to spiritual things, they are down right dangerous! It's true. They have this energy and passion for life. They are curious and excited and processing new freedom and hope for the future. They are dreamers who are too naive to be pessistic or realistic. You combine that with real, authentic faith...and they become powerful followers of Christ. They are wonderfully foolish enough to ask Him for big things!

Some of the most committed kingdom builders I have ever met in 32 years of ministry have been teenagers. And I believe that Satan is afraid of what they can do if they believe and unite. That's why he works overtime to distract them or to destroy them before they can pick up the banner for their generation.

Let's remember that our teens can be a force in the spiritual war that rages every day. Encourage them to choose sides, team up, and make a difference!

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