Sunday, April 23, 2006

Vanquished but Dangerous

He is very real and he hates you. He prowls about like a lion seeking someone to devour. He waits till you are weak and attacks at the most opportune time. He comes as an angel of light and never, ever fights fair. He uses lies and deceit to blind you. He has the experience of thousands of years of spiritual combat. He never sleeps, he never quits, and he always hates. Yet...your sword can parry every one of his lies, your shield of faith can deflect every one of his flaming arrows, your obedience can send him fleeing, your prayers can stop his progress. Jesus defeated him on the cross, prayed God's protection over you in the battle, and assigned you take him on. When a disciple walks in the power of the Spirit, equipped with the armor of God, saturated with God's Word, and focussed on His Kingdom, he cannot be beaten. But watch out! You drop your guard and this vanquished foe becomes very dangerous. He can't take your soul, but he will neutralize your influence in this world and kill you if he can.


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