Monday, July 09, 2007

Sneak Preview! AGE OF THE FALLEN

Age of the Fallen is a new book about a remarkable Japanese teenage girl named Aiko who leads a group of friends against the demons who threaten to destroy her generation.

They are able to step into the spiritual dimension where truth becomes a sword and their loyalty to God becomes their armor. When they are called to stop yet another suicide, they unwittingly save Kenji, the son of an evil drug lord, and that sets into motion a deadly spiritual chess match between heaven and hell.

Age of the Fallen will remind of you of the sobering and very dangerous spiritual war we experience everyday. It describes the horror of demonic influences that come after us with every intention of destroying us. And it shows just how dangerous and powerful a teenager can be when they walk with the Master, and surround themselves with a loving and loyal team.

This is my first effort as a writer and hope that it captures my passion in this area and inspires you. Age of the Fallen is in the final editing and test-read phase. Look for it soon!