Saturday, August 08, 2009

Age of the Fallen: Origins - What it all means...

We know God is real. We also know that Satan is a very real being as well, as are the angels of heaven and the fallen ones that we call demons. Through the pages of scripture we also know that there is a very real spiritual struggle going on and man is caught right in the middle of it. The battle is decided in the area of truth and lies.

When a child of God realizes what it means to be a child of the King and a warrior of light, then there is no stopping them. It doesn't mean that there will be no suffering. It also doesn't mean that there will be no losses. The battle goes to the one who refuses to stop fighting.

Satan is relentless and patient and will return again and again to attack those who are in strategic positions to make a difference in this world. All we need are those followers of the Master who choose to be just at relentless in obeying what God asks them to do.

What we need is a generation of young people whose prayers are powerful, who know and live by the truth, and who stand shoulder to shoulder in unity laying it all on the line each day to change this world. Believers who long to be in the front where the light ends and the darkness begins. Who will endure the hateful stare of evil and stare back with love. Who will stand with one another and never, ever leave anyone behind.

Age of the Fallen is a spiritual thriller filled with truth and passionate discipleship. My hope and prayer is that it will have some small impact on the most important venue of all...the advancing Kingdom of God. After all, everyday, everywhere, all around us the battle between good and evil rages. All we have to do is choose sides and make a difference.



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