Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ah, Christmas!

I'm sure if you think back to this past year you can find things that caused pain or suffering in your life or in the life of someone that you love. Evil runs rampant and from time to time crosses our path. The weaknesses of others impact us, tear at our hearts, and sometimes drag us down. Our own weaknesses seem to chase us down from time to time reminding us of our fallen state. We live in a fallen world striving to find purpose in life and trying to love those around us with our imperfect hearts. And when you are in pain, sometimes all you can see is the pain and become locked in the moment wondering if life is really worth living. A dark tunnel without end.

But then, there's Christmas. A time of hope! It answers the cry that goes up in the midnight moments of our lives,

"Is there anyone up there that really cares?!"

"Is this ALL that there is?"

'Is it just us and this hard life?"

The infinite God of the universe answered in the most unusual way. He came to earth to rescue us. He walked in this fallen world and faced off with evil and carried out a mission to save us from the consequences of our sins. To give us hope beyond the grave, hope of changed lives, hope of supernatural courage to live out our lives with Joy, hope of a life filled with purpose and meaning, hope of ultimate justice for evil...Hope for a better tomorrow.

Jesus came to earth for you and me. He came TO earth to save us. Wow. Let's celebrate, let's share with others, let's shine the light of Christ's love ever so brightly in a world that needs it so bad. Set up your manger and be ready to tell the story that shouts out to us...God is real. God cares about what you are going through. God loves you very very VERY much!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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