Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Age of the Fallen: Music to Read by!

I'll never forget the classic duel between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker (Yes, many of you were with me on opening day!). We had waited the whole Star Wars Series to see them square off and fight. Then the moment finally came, and with the Emperor laughing with evil glee, the darkside champion faced off with the last of the trained Jedi. What made the scene really stick was the music in the backround. There was an epic song playing with a chorus of human voices singing while they fought to the final conclusion. It was really cool and left us all out of breath in the theater that day.

With that in mind, I have some musical suggestions for those of you that would like to "experience" AGE OF THE FALLEN and not just fly through it.

Music that I listened too during the writing of the book came from three main sources; Pirates of the Caribbean (I, II, and III), Transformers the Movie, and Chronicles of Narnia (the first one). YOu can put these on and just read each night and it will set the mood.

There are some real specific songs from Chapters:

The Intro - "What Shall We Die For" Pirates III
The Ultimate Lie (Chpt. 1) "Decepticons" Transformers
Aiko (Chpt 3) "Autobots" Transformers
Sent Ones (Chpt 4) "Will and Elizabeth" Pirates I
Journey Home (Chpt. 5) "Western Woods to Beaverstown" Chronicles I
Ishi's Run (Chpt 8) "Pilots Theme" from Stealth the movie
Run (Chpt. 10) ) reads well with "Scorponok" Transformers
Aiko's Folly (Chpt 24) - "Jack's Suite" Pirates III
Battle for a Generation (Chpt 29)- "The Battle" from Chronicles of Narnia
A Whole New Game (Chpt 30)- "Funeral and Rebuilding" from "Serenity" the movie

Of course these are only suggestions and you can put on your favorite music and let it define the story. I'm sure you are getting the feel that the story was written to be exciting and fast moving and filled with moods and emotions.

Whether you listen to music or not when you read, I hope you enjoy the characters, the story, and the "feel" of Age of the Fallen. I wanted the characters to be likeable, the story to be engaging, and the message to be epic in nature.

The book is out now! When you get your copy put on some epic soundtracks, grab some coffee (or tea, or soda), sit back and experience what I hope is a thrilling and inspiring book.

As Aiko would say, "For His Honor!"



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