Sunday, August 30, 2009

Age of the Fallen: Origins - What's Next??

(Age of the Fallen Origins Series)

I'm going to try to tell you what's next without creating a spoiler for those of you who are still reading AGE OF THE FALLEN.

The plan has always been to write a series of books involving characters from the original story. AGE OF THE FALLEN was conceived as a three part story. So as you read this I am charting out new characters and refining the story line of book II. I'm excited to continue to explore the epic battle between good and evil and the impact that we can have in that world.

There is also a side story that is in the developmental stages. AGE OF THE FALLEN is set in Japan (and I hope to have it translated into Japanese and sold there). But this story line will take place in an American city. It's called "The Demon in My Closet." Again, I won't spoil the plot by telling you much about it, but honestly I started the story in a movie script format. (Yes, I know. I've always been a dreamer...with faith!)

I would LOVE to see the book turned into a movie. I think it would be an incredible visual story. It would be terrifying and inspiring. Most of all it would plant seeds of truth in movie audiences around the world. It has elements of love, loyalty, grace, faith, courage, pain, renewal, evil, good, suffering, self-sacrifice, teamwork, mentoring, failure, and triumph. I'd love to see a good director get all that on the screen in a compelling story.

So when you turn the final page of AOF while listening to an epic soundtrack, just know that the adventure is just beginning!

AND, it's an adventure that we can all live and be a part of every single day....

The book is now in-stock at Amazon. com and Christian Book Distributors (google it...) and a few other sites. You can still order autographed copies from my website...I'd love to write you a note of thanks.


Blogger YHWHdrivenWARRIOR said...

Sounds like an interesting story, Pastor Mark. Looking forward to it!

I recently found out that you are in PHX and I was wondering if you are preaching regularly anywhere and also if you could recommend any good churches near downtown PHX or relatively near the rail line. I'm a flight attendant (for Hawaiian Air) part-time and would like to find a church to go to when I layover in PHX on Sundays (like today). I've gone to New Hope in Honolulu since 1996 and I also went to Pac Rim for 3 semesters 2005-07. Really miss your teaching/preaching back home...especially at midweek service. Hope God is continuing to bless you richly.

Aloha no,
Keoki Liftee-Kau

1:18 PM  

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