Friday, June 26, 2009

Age of the Fallen: Origins - Friends in Arms

(Age of the Fallen: Origins Series)

Okay, I'm going attempt to tell you about the characters without spoiling the plot of the book. Some of my most fun moments in writing AGE OF THE FALLEN was creating the personalities of the teens that would interact with each other throughout the story.

My goal was to show that regardless of your group in school, when you are united behind the Master (Jesus Christ), all those labels and boundaries disappear. So a confident baseball player (Yes, I had to do that!) partners with a computer game playing chess champion, an intense soccer girl pairs with a shy dancer, and two brothers who work for their parents and fight constantly become an incredible team in spiritual combat. There are more...but I'll let you have the joy of discovering them. They are all united by Aiko who is a leader plain and simple. She is passionate, loving, wise, and very driven.

While I wrote part of the book in Japan I scanned the crowds for my characters. And I found them! (And some for the next book too!). I would see a teenage guy walk in and think, "That's Takumi!" I did that for all of the characters except one. I never found an Aiko. Why? Because she is very unique.

She burns with an intensity and passion for truth. She is intense and very focused on each mission, but compassionate, caring, and self-sacrificing. Her eyes would beam with love and determination but at times would show weariness and questions for her God. She is also a "called" one and bears that mantle with humility and wreckless abandon.

When the team comes together, they forget all labels and become a unit under the direction of their Master. Aiko leads and they fight in "twos" and become a force to be reckoned with. In the end, it's their love and loyalty to one another that gets them to the end (most of them?). I hope you enjoy their friendships as much as I enjoyed writing the bantering, eating, teasing, and working together during intense spiritual combat.

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