Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It will put us in our grave...

Do you know what "charismatic" and "conservative" have in common? They are both NOT found in the Bible. Those who draw battle lines in the name of the Holy Spirit so miss the point. All that is needed is an honest look at scripture. The Bible clearly states that the Holy Spirit indwells all believers and empowers them to live for Christ. They are endowed with gifts of His choosing that enable him/her to become like Christ and assist others in becoming like Christ as well. The gifts haven't ceased and not everyone gets every gift. The Bible (authored by the aforementioned Spirit) also clearly states that the gifts must be used within Biblical parameters so as to keep the focus on the Giver of the gifts and the priority of love and unity of the body. Is there room for intelligent biblical discussion on the minor points? Yes. Is there reason to divide over this? Only if someone goes beyond the truth of scripture. In the end we must be people thoroughly committed to knowing and living God's Word AND fully surrendered to and open to the power of the Holy Spirit as He fills, leads, empowers, endows, and transforms us. Suspend your biases about "charismatics" and "conservatives" and be guided by the Word and empowered by His Spirit.


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