Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas In Japan

Pray for Japan this holiday season. 250 people crowded into Kobe Union Church on Christmas eve to hear about the God Who loves them so much. We held two earlier services on December 9th and 10th to serve our expat families before they left for vacation. 347 attended those services. Pray for the seeds that were planted in peoples hearts.

On December 25th in Japan, kids went to school, people went to work, businesses were opened as usual. It's not a holiday here.

Not yet.

Would you pray for the day that Japan is forced to declare a national holiday because so many Christians request time off to celebrate Christmas day and because so many leaders in the government have become Christian.

Impossible? Didn't the angel say to Mary, "For nothing is impossible with God." Let's pray together for the salvation of this precious country.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

love your insights. When will you be posting again?
Thank you much for ministry to japan.

9:02 AM  

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