Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Kingdom or Castles

Are you a Kingdom builder or a Castle builder? Kingdom builders partner with God to advance His Kingdom by making disciples of all the nations. They expect fruit. They expect growth. They expect always for the wind of the Spirit to drive them into the thick of new Spiritual battles, and they live for that. They share a deep comradeship with others in the battle and welcome them to the table of fellowship to discuss tactics and share resources. Their focus is on the King and His Kingdom.

Castle builders do their best to protect themselves or their institution. They build moats and walls and defenses. They have gatekeepers designed to keep people both IN and OUT. They are suspicious of others in the spiritual battle, not wanting anyone else to farm for fruit in their fields even though they have stopped reaping long ago. They jealousy hold on to, and sometimes control, their people. So much effort is put into perpetuating the castle that so so many people die without Christ in the shadow of their walls.

It was never about us and it never will be. It's about His Kingdom and His glory. We been challenged by Christ to "Seek first His Kingdom..." Let's do that and link arms with anyone else who calls Jesus Lord and change this world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It also interesting to see the fact that Castles are totally outdated as a place of security and life. But people keep trying to build outdated churches with the old wineskin techniques expecting the granduer of the past. God will shake the foundations of the castles and cast them down. He will shake what can be shaken (even if they say they are unshaken.) Let Kingdom builders advance and unite to cause of His kingdom first. Amen.

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