Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Not Meant for the Harbor!

Churches don't belong in the harbor anymore than warships. No, they are designed for the open sea and for a spiritual battle that is raging all over the planet.

Yes, for resupplying, refitting, and sometimes changing out the crew a church needs to take down the sails, stow the guns, drop anchor, and/or tie up the mooring lines.

But once done you NEED to get back to the open seas before you become a floating museum. Soon you'll be giving tours, your guns will get rusty, your anchors will sink deep into the ocean bottom, and your crew will forget what it means to sacrifice and fight for a higher cause. Life gets comfortable. That's just NOT right.

Please. Call the crew back and get ready to sail. Be sure you are prepared for a fight, it will cost you something. Pull up the anchors, untie the ship from the dock and the winds of the Holy Spirit will fill your sails. God will drive you into the battle, but you have to put up the sails. Let the museum lovers find another ship, there are plenty to choose from.

Soon the crew will be scrambling all over the deck, you will be surrounded by battle-hardened warriors, and the church will become an adventure again...and the "gates of hades will not prevail" against you.


Blogger Rich said...

Loved this post Mark! Anything nautical always gets me going, but this was indeed a timely word. Thank you.

1:39 PM  

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