Monday, July 06, 2009

Age of the Fallen: Origins - WHOOOSH!

(Age of the Fallen: Origins Series)
In AGE OF THE FALLEN there is an epic struggle between good and evil where demons work in lies and those who follow the Master wield truth. When they face off against each other the result is often a "WHOOOSH!"

The concept of the WHOOOSH is found in passages of bible where an exorcism is described. Jesus commands demons to be quiet. He would cast them out with a command. They would sometime beg Him not to send them to the abyss. In a parable Jesus spoke of a demon going through "arid" or "waterless" places seeking rest. The idea is that demons weren't destroyed (that comes in the end of time), instead they were banished. However, they could return to harass people if those people didn't draw near to God. Jesus also gave His followers the authority to cast out demons. When he sent them out to preach in pairs they also would cast out demons with a command. The understanding is that we cannot cast out demons ourselves, but when the Master gives us the authority as His followers we can oppose evil in His strength and His power and His name...all for His honor.

In AOF there are not a lot of lofty explanations. You just hear "WHOOOSH" a lot as Aiko and her friends do all that they can to make a difference in this fallen world. Ah yes, and there was that time when Jesus' disciples couldn't cast out a particular demon. Hmmm...think that ended up in the book? (smile)

I believe that if we had the ability to see into the spiritual world that each day we would see true believers dispelling lies with truth and pushing back the darkness by living in the light and equipping themselves with the armor of light described in the Bible.

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