Monday, June 05, 2006

Missionary Graveyard

It's a beautiful land with beautiful people. It's called the "land of the rising sun." And it's lost. It's history, culture, socio-economic setting, language, religious history, and more simply resist the gospel. It's called the Mount Everest of missions because it is insanely hard to climb. It's called the missionary graveyard because many well trained, prayed up, sincere Christian missionaries have come and met with defeat and discouragement and returned home with their dreams dashed. The blood of martyrs has soaked this land for centuries and many Japanese pastors, facing insurrmountable odds, have lost a vision for reaching their country.

I can't tell you how excited I am that God has allowed me to be here. I know that I am part of God's passion to reach this country. I'm eager to allly with those with a radical commitment to make a difference here. I also challenge young leaders who aren't looking for safe or sane...and are willing to follow Christ into the teeth of a fierce spiritual struggle. It's time for another generation to start the climb and to charge into battle for the souls of this beautiful country. If you do...I'll be waiting to help any way that I can.


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