Thursday, July 30, 2009

Age of the Fallen: Origins - My Passion

(Age of the Fallen - Origins Series)
In my 32 years of ministry I've always been amazed at the tenacity and passion of teenage believers. In a time where they are experiencing a tremendous amount of peer pressure to conform to a role or a set of values, they are able to stand up, carry bibles, speak of their faith, serve God, and go all over the world to bring Christ to orphans, homeless, under privileged, or spiritually confused. Teenagers rock!

When I started the book my passion wasn't so much that I wanted to see evil get a bloody nose (even though I do!). It wasn't that I wanted to just highlight issues in Japan or focus on suicide. It also wasn't my intention to simply open up eyes to the spiritual battle behind the scenes everyday. It was about the potential of a teenage warrior.

I wanted to broadcast to the teenage world, that we NEED them to step up and DO what God is asking them to DO. We need Aikos and Takumis and Ishis and Michios (and the other team members) to take up their swords, put on their armor and get to the front where Christ is turning the tide in the spiritual battle.

In Age of the Fallen the kids are simple. They love the Master (Jesus), the love each other, and they fight. No matter what the cost, when He calls they go out. They let God lead in the strategic battle and use all their available resources to make a difference.

We need another generation of all-out, spirit-filled, Bible saturated, deeply loving, and Christ-like teens to storm those strongholds that still exist in this world. That's really was my passion in writing Age of the Fallen. When I go back and read certain intense scenes in the book, I still come to tears because I know, have felt, and seen the emotions that are filing the pages.

Like David, Daniel, Joseph, Mary (mother of Jesus), John in scripture...teenagers have a legacy of being Kingdom warriors. Lets envision them, train them, and send them out to change the world. That's my passion.



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