Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Nail that Breaks the Hammer

Something needs to change. There is a dangerous philosophy that has infiltrated the Japanese church. It comes from an old saying, "the nail that sticks out gets hammered down."

The church is in need of change and innovation. Now understand, the truth never changes..."...the Word of our God stands forever" (Isaiah 40:8) However, how that word is taught and lived out can change from age to age. A disciples heart is the same throughout history, but each generation the disciples of Christ face new challenges. The Word of God and the Christian faith must be taught in a contemporary and relevant way. Christian worship must resonate with the tastes of the contemporary heart. The Christian lifestyle must move into the 21st century honoring everything in God's Word, while being able to connect, interact with, and contend with the modern world.

The truth is when a leader in Japan tries something different he is often criticized and hammered down by other church leaders. That can't go on if Japan is to be saved.

There is a need for a generation of Japanese leaders to stick out and be different. I think God's heart breaks for the lostness of Japan and I believe that as a leader allows the Holy Spirit to fill him and lead him....when the hammer strikes...IT will break.

The tide in the battle for the soul of Japan needs to turn. For change to come about someone has to break the hammer. If you stand with Jesus the hammer will break...because Jesus made the hands that hold the hammer and He is Lord over them. Stand with your Lord. Fight for Japan and let the hammer strike again and again till it lays in pieces, and Japan is saved.


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